Mesh is a necessity for a daily healthy life especially for an area like Southeast Asia, where it is quite humid with the big scale of the forest. The typical mesh for casement window is installed by punching into the out frame which is not looking good and easy to deform if taking off for washing. Our DIY top-hung screen could totally solve this problem with smooth frame, no nail, no trouble to install and take off, just make the homeowner relaxed and no maintenance cost at all!

Basic information:

2.Optional handle to choose
3.Super stainless steel mesh
4.cut to size available
5.Designed for casement window
6.No need to use nail for installation,take away any time when you would like to clean it.A good choice for housewife.

Nail free

No need to make any drilling on the frame of the window body,keep the surface of window clean and complete,easy for maintenance in the future.

Super stainless steel mesh

Painted stainless steel mesh is strong enough to form a good protection for home,keeping theft away and innocent children to put their head out of the window.

Environmental friendly

No drilling means no noise during installation,and all material are recycleable.

Eash take off to wash

No screw design make it a easy job to remove the mesh from the window body without any damage.

This screen is suitable for both casement window and awning window