What make it special?

LRR-pleated screen is an economic type retractable screen with pleated mesh,the low bottom rail design is more typical with few accessories,which is quite easy to assemble for dealers. decorative and compact as it is,the best advantage is the flexibility for sizing,Dealers could stock some sizes and cut according to the real door opening,so that they could offer timely service to their customers..

Size adjustable freely Both width and height could be adjusted by cutting in spot,just one visit could offer a complete service.

super big size panel It could suit door opening up to 9000mm,with single panel width up to 2000mm,make a clear and elegant look when mesh is used.

easy and smooth operation Just little strength could move the sliding bar easily.even when your hands are occupied with heavy bags you could easily do the opening or closing.

high quality PET net imported from Taiwan,the mesh is durable with clear view during use,and the long-lasting high-performance wire ensure years of worry free use.

Pinch-proof Thanks to the non-spring mechanism, the durable pleated net could stay wherever you position the sliding bar with little strength,safe for every user even the kids and the old.

Efficient assemble the best news for dealers is that this design contains only a few accessories which makes the assemble process very efficient and easy,simple equipment is sufficient to do the job.