Top Aluminum Extrusion Supplier CNC Available:

Wise Build is the professional and leading Aluminum extrusion Supplier CNC available in China. We offer customized extrusion service and timely delivery. Aluminum extruision offers a huge online selection of Extrusion CNC Machining Centers for aluminum extrusion profiles. The CNC machining centers are for boring, drilling, slotting and , threading cutting milling, in 3 Axis, 4 Axis and 5 Axis machine configurations. Machines are available for long runs or short runs.

Computer Numerically Controlled, or CNC milling is an excellent method of fabrication regarding aluminum extrusion. The technique can manage a diverse range of manufacturing requirements. Our tooling engineers are experts in the CNC extrusion process from start to end. They know the abilities of our machinery and our skilled production team. With the knowledge, they can tone your profiles to the specific tolerances you need.

Wise Build aluminum extrusions respect your specifications. Our experts analyze your project and strategize your parts on the efficient machining center for the job to provide you the most for your investment. Their qualities include lightweight, little specific gravity, high quality, great electrical and warm conductivity, and excellent corrosion obstruction. It has been broadly utilized in aeronautics, aviation, car, and hardware assembling, shipbuilding, and compound industrial sectors.

Aluminum Extrusion Supplier CNC Available in China:

Our equipment is among the most advanced and tech-savvy in the industry. Our up-to-date machinery allows us to run the CNC aluminum extrusion process untouched throughout the batch production, right up to packaging for delivery. Process automation significantly reduces the labor required, which lowers clients' cost of purchase. One of the significant reject factors in aluminum extrusion is damage handling. With our state-of-the-art machines, these problems are almost eliminated.

As an aluminum profile supplier, our primary objective is to meet our clients' necessities on schedule, as per specs, and spending budget. We do so by using our broad industry experience and information as aluminum profile makers alongside endless vital accomplice connections. We understand the importance of deadlines too. With three of the most up-to-date practices in the industry, we can adjust production schedules to meet your demands or even run multiple jobs at the same time. Therefore we are among the sought-after Aluminum extrusion Supplier CNC available in China.

We are committed to improving quality and cost-cutting. Therefore we can attract more customers. Our record of client retention is the best in the industry. So, if you are searching for a quality CNC aluminum extrusion supplier, come to us.



Wise Build started its adventure in the aluminum sector from the basic product of aluminum extrusion, through years accumulating abundant experience as well as diverse dies for different applications, such as window and door, furniture, machinery, transportation, home appliance, etc. We insist on high-quality aluminum material and surface treatment to assure excellent processability and durability in the long term. Currently owning 17 extruding presses,2 anodizing lines,2 powder coating lines,3 wooden finish lines, we are one of the biggest aluminum factory in Guangdong, China.

Base on the extrusion production, we set up a mature product development cycle for further requirements from the market. Our fabrication workshop is well equipped with all the advanced machinery, enable us to provide CNC service for any aluminum accessories, window, and door, aluminum railing and fencing, aluminum screen and grille, etc



Key information for aluminum extrusion capability

Main Alloy available 6063,6061,6060,6005A
Extruding Diameter available From 10mm to 300mm
Extruding Thickness available 0.8mm to 7.0mm
Surface treatment available Anodizing/Powder coating/heat transfer wood grain/Hand touch wood texture
Work shop Facilities 17 extruding machines/3 anodizing lines/1 vertical powder coating line/1 horizontal powder coating line/3 heat transfer wood grain lines
Die making Provide free drawing service base on provided samples in 7 days;Or customer could choose from our existing die catalog for specifi market,such as South America/North and South Africa/Asia.
Certification rewarded ISO/CE/ROHS

Popular Wood Texture Finish


Base on the production of high-quality aluminum profile, Wise build set up the workshop With the investment in state-of-art CNC machining technology to further add value to the aluminum supply solutions for customers, We offer the ability to provide semi-finished aluminum extrusions into ready for further assembly,help to reduce your inventory, workspace, time and most important, the cost, in one stop.

CNC machine is suited to rigid profiles that can be clamped without movement.Semi-fabrication service for extruded products include:

1, CNC Router Machining
2, Can accommodate simple and complex shapes and drawings
3, Cutting, drilling, milling, chamfering, threading

One-Stop Service

Die design and manufacture
Aluminum extrusion
Anodizing & powder coating
CNC fabrication

See what we could do with the CNC facilities

Processing Capacity

Two sets of 4.5-meter processing and fabrication centers
One set of 200 tons puncher, 4 sets of 40 tons punchers,2 sets of 25 tons punchers.
8 sets of milling machines
3 sets of 850 CNC processing centers
4 sets of drilling machines
4 sets of accurate cutting machines
Certain multi-head drilling machines
Anodizing line for hardware and accessories




Product Categories-Radiator series

Lamps and Lanterns Series

Automobile Aluminum Series

It is a good help for all kinds of vans to be more energy-saving while reducing a great deal of weight, getting more and more popular in developed countries like USD and Europe.

Aluminum Auto Parts Series

The material of Aluminum is getting widely used in the autobus body in Europe and Japan, while in the USA stainless steel is more popular. The choice of aluminum is lighter,energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and look nice.

Assembly Line Accessories Series

Tent Accessories Series

Medical Device Aluminum Series

Mechanical Use Aluminum Series

Cabinet Accessories Series

Frame Series

Other Accessories Series

Other Accessories Series

What We Could Offer

1, Knowing how from the specification of your profile to the application of the system,as we have our own window sector as well

2,Buying profiles in a flexible way,you could choose raw material or request fabrication service in all one stop,highly to reduce the cost and headache for your purchase.

3,Equiped with advance CNC facilities and rich experience with many clients in both local and abroad,you could easily turn your aluminum profile into any application for the final purpose,which could high increase your capability to offer excellent service to your clients

4, Except for aluminum profile,aluminum sheet products are also available manufactured under the same roof,expanding your sales range in your marke