Six Benefits You get from Aluminum Extrusion’s Features

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September 22, 2020
Aluminum Extrusion Material Features

Aluminum extrusion profiles, in particular, and aluminum materials in general, offer distinct benefits over other materials and processes. Aluminum extrusion by an aluminum screen supplier is a versatile metal making process that allows engineers and designers to exploit the full benefit of the physical features aluminum materials provide. While other metals can look like a few of the advantages, aluminum extrusion provides, observe if any can reproduce all of the benefits.

A major reason aluminum extrusion is famous is that aluminum is less by volume compared to other popular metals. In fact, aluminum can weigh as little as 1/3rd as much as steel, iron, and brass.

Easy to Handle

Since aluminum is much lighter, it is, by nature, less expensive to deliver and easier to handle. This physical feature makes it attractive for uses in fields where decreasing weight is necessary, such as projects of high-rise construction and aerospace.


Another advantage of aluminum-based materials is has a profile of being extremely strong. During the aluminum extrusion process, aluminum can be as manufactured as strong as necessary for a majority of applications. As per every aluminum profile supplier in China, aluminum is best for cold weather applications as aluminum goes stronger as the temperature decreases.

Protected by its Own Oxide

Aluminum also gets protection by its organically occurring oxide film. The protection from oxide layer assures aluminum material will offer optimal corrosion resistance and rust will remain away. Extra protection via anodizing can give greater resistance to abrasion.

Best Thermal Conductor

Considering aluminum’s cost and weight, aluminum is the best thermal conductor. Therefore aluminum is suitable for applications that need crucial exchanges. As an extra advantage, aluminum extrusion is a best-suited metal forming process to aid in minimizing shapes that would optimize the thermal conduction characteristics of aluminum.

Aluminum Extrusion Material is Non Magnetic

Another merit of aluminum materials is they are non-magnetic. This ensures aluminum can be used in any high-voltage application where magnetic fields play their part or where magnetic equipment is deployed. Aluminum’s regular use in electronics explains this.

Aluminum materials are perhaps an ideal alternative regarding reflective abilities. This is the reason aluminum is regularly used to shield items or zones from light, infrared radiation, and radio waves. Since aluminum isn’t flammable it won’t consume, even at incredibly high temperatures, which guarantees it won’t produce any harmful fumes.

Last Benefit

The final advantage of making aluminum materials through extrusion is it eradicates seams. The extrusion process is simple to produce complex shapes in one piece which vanishes the requirement for mechanical joining techniques. Additionally, any component or item without a scene profiles as ordinarily being stronger than a comparable item which needs assemblage.

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