High-Quality Aluminum Screen Supplier

As a Chinese aluminum extruder, Wise Build is focused on giving the high-quality aluminum screen alongside the adaptability of the flexible services we offer. We exceed expectations in planning and assembling the most unpredictable of aluminum items. We expertly produce aluminum fences, heat sinks, and electronic wrapping. As a leading Aluminum screen supplier, we have worked with various businesses across industries.
Our team has more than two decades of involvement with the aluminum screening industry, delivering more thousands of custom aluminum screen supplier for different markets and applications.
Aluminum has been in use for the construction of window screens for decades. It was the superior choice for several home builders until recent years, hence demand of a quality aluminum Screen Supplier is rising. This aluminum screening comes in three regular styles: dark grey, bright aluminum, and black. Referred to as aluminum screen, it is an alloy of magnesium and aluminum, while it is often coated for extra protection.
As a top-rated aluminum Screen Supplier, Wise Build provides high-quality aluminum screens at competitive prices and delivers goods with a quick turnaround. The qualified staff at Wise Build work closely with our client’s design group to help reduce unnecessary secondary functions by including attributes that result in the efficient manufacturing of their components.
If you are in search of trustworthy aluminum screen supplier, then you have landed at the right place.

Aluminum Screen Supplier in China

Wise Build has is a reputed aluminum screen suppliers in China. We additionally give a broad list of standard profiles and screens. The advantage of using standard tooling is you don't cause extrusion tooling charges. With our phenomenal lead times and a full scope of aluminum creation benefits and anodized finishes, Wise Build can supply your creation prerequisites from our various standard dies, without tooling need.
Our experienced and qualified design and engineering team will help your new screen to market fast and effectively. Let Wise Build assist in the development of your aluminum screens by using our value-added expertise in machining and fabricating aluminum profiles and anodizing aluminum profiles in various hues. Being a top-rated aluminum screen supplier China, we provide you fabricated or anodized component on-time to your specific specification.
The company is fully equipped with local and international advanced aluminum processing machinery. As a dependable aluminum screen in China, we have full set of automatic production lines, with abundant technical force, mature production technology, and perfect testing methods to continuously increase productivity. Production can be carried out according to customer requirements.
We work closely with the aluminum profile retailers to sell the most recent aluminum expulsion and pass on innovations to streamline their design performance. We have clients across China and worldwide. So, if you need quality aluminum screen supplier in China, come to us.

A grille,a necessary protection to your apartment!

To give better protection for your property, especially when social security is a concern or if you have children in high rise apartment building,a grille is always a necessary component for your windows.Wise build could offer you various solutions in order to maintain elegant and individual out look.

The muture welding craftmanship enable us to provide distintive patterns for each project,while Mortise and tenon structure is another way for some standard type grille,suitable for those who would like to have simple and modern out look for theie property.

Various color is available to match your style,from the modern grey to the wooden texture,it is not only a protection but also a kind of art for your window design.

Basic information:

1.High quality aluminum profile from 1.0mm -1.4mm base on the size and design.

2.Leading welding craftmanship

3.Good surface treatment of powder coating

4.The grille could combine with the mesh to form a whole

5.Both fixed grille or DIY grille are available.The DIY grille is easy to take away when you need to clean it,good choice for housewife.