Quality Aluminum Door Supplier:

Wise Build Enterprise Limited is a leading aluminum door supplier in China. Founded in 2005, Wise Build started its adventure in the realm of aluminum and glass exportation from China to the globe. The product development cycle supports Wise Build to respond rapidly enough to customer demands or market changes by offering adequate and first-rate aluminum products. We focus on how to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of each purchase..

Wise Build offers a wide assortment of highly robust and insulated aluminum door supplier, which meets the modern requirements regarding thermal insulation, safety, and stability. The doors allow the creation of large entrance. Our doors are available as inward as well as outward opening glass or panel doors and pivoting doors. All the doors can be fixed with a broad range of hinges and locks..

Best Aluminum Door Manufacturers:

Aluminum door manufacturers are designed to meet the modern-day comfort requirements. State-of-the-art airtightness and excellent thermal performances are proven by our happy and satisfied customers that is our pride. With regards to safety and durable performance, the robust Wise Build doors can comply with burglar resistance needs, large dimensions, and weights up to 250kg and are proven to be extremely sturdy.

Key benefits that we provide through our aluminum door manufacturers are smoke protection systems, a variety of infill units, a variety of locks, fittings, and accessories, and flexible applications because of system compatibility.

We have developed fabricated products from CNC processing, aluminum door, aluminum railing and fencing, aluminum screen and grille, aluminum retractable awning, etc. As a combination of extruder and fabricator, we can provide our clients with the most flexible way of both aluminum material or finished products. We persist in high-quality aluminum surface treatment to ensure excellent production and durability in the long run. At present, we have 17 extruding presses, two anodizing lines, two powder coating lines, one vertical Italia technology, and three wooden finish lines. 70 percent of our output is for architectural applications to supply window and door sector as well as the market demand from local and foreign clients.

So, if you are searching for quality Aluminum door manufacturers, Wide Build is the one.

Key information:

Application Heavy-duty bi-folding system for high class buildings and houses,offering big opening with maximum height of up to 3000mm.
Frame Depth 73mm
Width of Sash 80mm
Thickness of aluminum 2.0mm
Single glass options 8mm/10mm/12mm
Double Glass options 5mm+23A+5mm/5mm+20A+5mm
Screen Options Retractable pleated screen
Color choice Red oak wood , Grey Or any customized color for project