WiseBuild Enterprise Limited

Founded in 2005 in Foshan,GuangDong,one of the most important city for aluminum industry,Wise build started its adventure in the realm of aluminum and glass exportation from China to the world,with a clear mission that global customer satisfaction could be rewarded for the quality assured made-in-China systems.In 2007,Wise build set up its own factory and developed into a professional designer and manufacturer of various aluminum systems during the past 12 years.Through consistent management under ISO strandard from development,manufacturing to marketing,hundreds of big and small projects adopted our products and service with positive appraisement and honorable reputation.

Aluminum extrusion is the very basic and initial product in Wise Build developing history,through years accumulating abundant experience,as well as diverse window and door systems for different markets.We insist on high quality aluminum material and surface treatment to assure the excellent proceeability and durability in long term.Currently we have 17 extruding presses,2 anodizing lines,2 powder coating lines,one of this is vertical Italia techonology,3 wooden finish lines.70% of the output is architectural application,to supply wisebuild window and door sector as well as the wide market from both local and abroad.

Since 2010,Wise build implemented the production of aluminum coil and sheet to suit a broad range of construction,transportation and industrial applications.We supply an array of gauges,width,finishes and alloys for every raw or painted material requirement.


WiseBuild Brand

Feedback and demand from
customers and market research

Marketing and product sales,
collecting feedback
Product development by R&D department,
building mockup and testing

Manufacturing and outsourcing,
quailty management

The product development cycle supports wise build to respond rapidly enough to the customer demandsor any market changes by supplying the appropriate and first-rate products.We highly focus on how to increase the efficiency and effectiveness for each purchase,constantly endeavor to enhance our product quality and pursue originality in our designs.

For example, the product of Aluminum retractable awning is a such a new line that wise build work to respond.with the increasing demand from old and new clients.It is prevailing in area with rich sunshine,helping to keep the ultra violet rays away while allow the best illuminated under the shades.From private use in balcony and gardens,to commertial applications in café shop or market,it is definitely a good company for windows and doors.By adhering to the principle of “Best cheapest”solution all the years,our one-stop service in all kinds of aluminum products will make your purchase and business easier and more efficient!