Product Information:

Application Thermal break yet slim looking,ideal for projects located in plcaces with cold winter,requiring a good prevention of heat-transfering between in and out.It could be a good element for villas,high class hotels,luxury lobbies,and balconies.One of the best sellers in the USA MARKET!
Maximum panel size W1000mm X H2700mm OR W850mm X H3000mm
Frame Depth 88mm
Width of Sash 59mm
Thickness of aluminum 2.0mm
Glass option 6 mm +12A+6mm,temper clear glass/tinted glass/reflective glass
Screen Options Retractable pleated screen
Color choice Powder coating Black(RAL9005),Powder coating White(RAL9003,)Powder coating Grey
Accessory choice Both Italian brand or Chinese brand are available.The load for single panel is 100KGS