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Wise Build Enterprise Limited has been working since 2005 and already renowned as among the leading Aluminum profile manufacturers in china across China. Our range of products include:
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Our products are well-trusted and recognized across China and all over the world. As a leading Aluminum profile supplier in china, we do our utmost to meet customers’ need and find an optimal customized profile to suit your needs.
Wise Build Enterprise Limited’s range of products remains the largest all over China. Whether you are searching for the kitchen and rail profiles or tile-trim products, we have everything available for you.
We are Ahead as an Aluminum window and door Supplier.
We, as an Aluminum window and door manufacturer, step up the productivity without compromising the quality. We use only modern and advanced equipment for profile manufacturing.
Being the largest Aluminum screen supplier implies being the ultimate quality products supplier. We are consistently looking for new methods to improve our manufacturing process and make Aluminum extrusion Supplier CNC available.
Our research & development work, along with staff work fingers to the bones to improve our production capacity. We have found an ideal variant for kitchens – kitchen cabinet door and aluminum profile since glass and aluminum door solutions are considered the best in the modern interior design. Aluminum is a remarkable material and has a lot of merits, including durability, lightweight, and non-toxicity.
As a reputed Aluminum door supplier, we provide quality control per each stage. For that reason, our doors meet European safety and quality recommendations. Our products have the necessary documents to meet international standards.
In a crowd of average Aluminum door manufacturers, think wisely and choose Wise Build Enterprise Limited.

WiseBuild Enterprise Limited

Founded in 2005 in Foshan,GuangDong,one of the most important city for aluminum industry,Wise build started its adventure in the realm of aluminum and glass exportation from China to the world,with a clear mission that global customer satisfaction could be rewarded for the quality assured made-in-China systems.In 2007,Wise build set up its own factory and developed into a professional designer and manufacturer of various aluminum systems during the past 12 years.Through consistent management under ISO strandard from development,manufacturing to marketing,hundreds of big and small projects adopted our products and service with positive appraisement and honorable reputation.

Aluminum extrusion is the very basic and initial product in Wise Build developing history,through years accumulating abundant experience,as well as diverse window and door systems for different markets.We insist on high quality aluminum material and surface treatment to assure the excellent proceeability and durability in long term.

Since 2010,Wise build implemented the production of aluminum coil and sheet to suit a broad range of construction,transportation and industrial applications.We supply an array of gauges,width,finishes and alloys for every raw or painted material requirement.

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Wise build’s insect screen products reward a great success in Malaysia market
By taking over a screen factory that wise build step into the field of professional manufacturer of insect screen.

Latest technology----solar control glass is applied.
Different from the traditional Low-E glass,which is coated a film on one side of the glass to form the energy efficiency,the latest technology.

Wisebuild won a new apartment building project in Manila
As one of the most developed and open country in Southeast Asia,the Philippines is a good partner to wise build in the field of aluminum window and door.